My reviews of the ActronCP9180

Looking at the global state of roads, you will definitely agree that the number of cars will even surpass the human population in the near future. This fact presents another frontline for human problem.  Motorists will develop problems by the minute given the levels of challenges these cars will meet on the road.

The state of roads are no better either giving the vehicles an uphill task even trying to navigate the difficult terrain some of the areas have. The result has been and will be high risk of emission into the atmosphere. Human problems require immediate solutions, in this case, only a gadget meant for mitigating these effects and cutting down on the aspects of pollution can be appropriate.

The advent of the innovative OBD scan tools was meant to give the solutions to a situation which has been a thorn in the human flesh for so long. One of the scan tools which I found to be quite outstanding is the Actron CP9180 Auto scanner plus diagnostic code.

It is in several aspects that the user will definitely find the features to be just out of this world!

Its features

  • It has a live recording system with the ability to provide the user with a playback function. This is essentially important when the mechanic is to retrieve the already used data for further diagnostics.
  • Has oxygen monitor– in most OBD scan tools, the sensor for this is embedded in the software, however with this having an independent oxygen monitor; issues of car fault are detected in real time.
  • Higher rate of compatibility- it is notable that the Actron CP 9180 has the best compatibility ratings among most of the range of scanners in the market. This fact gives the tool a head start with regards to the number of cars it can comfortably scan and diagnose.
  • The true link technology on the gadget is heavenly. This is what gives the tool the high level of precision it has with regards to giving the diagnostic results.
  • Its display features comprise a highly technical and clear LCD screen which is the real point of convenience whe3n it comes to the access of the scanned trouble codes.
  • The Actron CP9180 is an easy to use tool with the user getting to have convenient access to both the setup and navigation without having to involve the services o9gf any professional.
  • The biggest point in it is that the tool is bilingual in nature. The use of both Spanish and English presents the user with a rich option on which language to access the data.
  • It is ergonomically presented, durable and has all the features deserving of a great tool.
  • The unique set of USB cable is meant just to give the user the capacity for connection to other external gadgets.
  • At a size dimension of 4.6 inches by 6.5 inches by10.1 inches, it is considered to be just the perfect size to fit in any compartment, be it next to the driver or the storage casing. Furthermore, the scan tool weighs only 2 pounds, light enough for the users’ comfort.
  • The safety of the Actron CP9180 is even enhanced through a unique set of straps, soft casing for carrying it and taking care of it in an event of a fall.
  • The user manual which is in most cases well detailed provides that killer punch for this OBD scan tool. All the usage measures are all contained in the manual which is further accompanied by a CD.

Why the Actron CP9180 Auto scanner

The brand name by itself is the major selling point when put at a glance. The Actron group has been known in the market for its exemplary quality of scan tools. However, the convenience the tool presents and the amount of money and time saved are enough to make any well meaning motorist choose the OBD scanner.


It is out there that the top range of scan tools may not be within reach of any average income motorist. The customer angle presented on this tool is enough to assure the user that this is the best scan tool to use if the aim is to save.

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